About us

MEG Mercato Enogastronomico (Food and wine market) was born in Cuneo on 29 April 2017. It is a team of people, a network of producers, an innovation network. It's market, travel, shop and home.


it is a journey through the Italian food and wine excellences and promotes experiential food and wine tourism.
it is the neighborhood shop and the home market where you can discover colors, aromas and flavors.
it is the house where you can discover with the producer "how to make" the product and “work together”, eat together, be together.
it is simply sharing values and humanity.   
it is passion for the earth.

Companies participating in MEG represent Italian food and wine tourism.
The companies of MEG Food and Wine Market:

  • they are characterized by uniqueness, quality, authenticity;
  • enhance the particularities and territorial excellences;
  • represent an added value for food and wine tourism;
  • present unique, authentic and traditional products;
  • realize traditional productions related to the territories;
  • produce and sell directly to tourists on the location;
  • produce products that tourists find in the territories;
  • welcome tourists with whom they carry out tasting and sales activities.